Terms And Conditions Of Hire

All agreements made with Peachy-Keen are subject to the following professional and comprehensive terms and conditions. Should you require additional information or clarification on any points outlined herein, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Parties Involved:

2. Hire Period:

3. Hired Goods:

4. Ownership and Responsibility:

5. Liability:

6. Agreement and Payment:

7. Amendments and Quotes:

8. Delivery and Charges:

9. Communication and Venue Coordination:

10. Customer Pick-Up (Dry Hire): 

11. Cancellation Policy: 

12. Damages and Replacement: 

13. Booking Fulfillment and Photography: 

14. Data Protection: 

15. Confidentiality: 


Payment of the deposit is considered an instruction of the booking and agreement to these terms and conditions.