Vintage Wooden Ladders - £20

Explore Timeless Charm with Our Vintage Wooden Ladders

The beautiful wooden step ladders can enhance the ambiance of various wedding venues, adding a touch of rustic charm and versatility.  Included:

- White, hand-painted, 5-rung ladder
- Gold glitter or rustic jars (5/6)
- Wooden LOVE letters
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Be Inspired

Elegant wooden step ladders, with their myriad of possibilities, seamlessly enhance weddings in various ways. Whether employed to craft a unique seating arrangement, act as a memory ladder adorned with photos from the couple's journey, serve as charming confetti stands for celebratory moments, or simply showcase the love story alongside other decorative elements, these versatile items add both charm and functionality to any wedding space. Consider placing them near the entrance for a decorative touch, incorporating them into the seating plan to guide guests, or strategically positioning them as focal points throughout the ceremony and reception venues.
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Frwquently Asked Questions

How can I incorporate the wooden step ladders into my wedding or event?
Our wooden step ladders can be utilized for creating unique seating arrangements, serving as memory ladders with photos, holding confetti for special moments, or showcasing your love story and decorative items.

Can I customise the wooden step ladders to match my wedding theme?
Yes, we welcome customization requests to align the step ladders with your wedding theme or color scheme. Please contact us to discuss your preferences.

What is the rental duration for the wooden step ladders?
The rental duration can be tailored to your event timeline. We offer flexible rental periods to accommodate your specific needs, whether it's a one-day event or an extended celebration.

How are the wooden step ladders delivered and set up?
We provide delivery and setup services to ensure a hassle-free experience. Our team will coordinate with you to arrange a convenient delivery time and set up the ladders according to your specifications.

Are the wooden step ladders suitable for outdoor events?
Yes, our wooden step ladders are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Their versatile and rustic design complements various settings, including gardens, barns, and outdoor venues.

How do I proceed with hiring the wooden step ladders for my wedding or event?
To start the hire process, please reach out to us via our contact page or email. We'll be happy to discuss your requirements, provide pricing details, and guide you through the hire procedure.