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Claire Seavers

This is me, exploring the universe and living life. Mummy of young twins, wife to Paul and creator of Peachy-Keen. I have a love of finding deals, working on a budget and an interest of all things creative and weddings. I am making memories and learning loads along the way. I want to share my world with you.

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My Peachy-Keen Blog

by Claire Seavers

A New Challenge

We are in it together. March 20th 2020

Oh my!  The world today seems a very scary place.  I never thought my first post would be this… I walked the twins to school this morning for the last time in, what could be, a very long time.  They seemed blissfully unaware of the frightening situation that seems to be all around us at the minute.  A pandemic like you or I have never seen, but only learnt about at school.