Sweet Treat Table

Added Extras!

Why not spoil your guests by adding our doughnut tower, Ferrero Rocher stand, or BOTH to your sweet table hire?

Sweet Treat Table

Our DIY sweet table has everything you need to treat your guests to the sweets you love.  Hire all items empty and ready for you to fill with all your favorites!  

Everything you will need to create a pick 'n' mix station.  Fill it with all your favourite sweets from your childhood, or sweets that brought you and your bride or groom together.  A great alternative to regular wedding favours too!

When working out quantities we usually advise 150g - 200g per guest.

To Hire


- 8x glass jars

- Stainless steel togs and scoops

- 100 x paper bags

- 'Love is Sweet' sign and 3 x white crates

- Rustic table

- 1 x large log slice

- Can be supplied with sweets for an additional fee.

Doughnut Tower

The latest in desert trend is the humble ring of fried dough.  Iced with sprinkles or filled with a delicious custard or jam, the doughnut tower is the perfect accompaniment to any dessert table.

Our tower will hold roughly 80 round doughnuts.

To Add


- Doughnut tower stand

- Can be supplied with doughnuts for an additional fee.

Ferrero Rocher Stand

The Ferrero Rocher, a 'sign of good taste!'  This Ferrero Rocher heart stand is a particularly eye-catching piece.  It can be filled with delicious chocolates on just one side or both and is commonly placed on the top table, candy bar, or dessert table, making a unique and stylish statement.

Your guests will definitely feel spoilt with these as a choice!

To Add


- Ferrero Rosher stand

- Can be supplied with chocolates for an additional fee.